Upward Participant Registration is now CLOSED
All Basketball Players Must Attend an Evaluation Night: Mon., Oct. 18, 6-8pm OR Thu., Oct. 21, 6-8pm
Important Information
Upward Basketball & Cheer 2022 Season

If you are new to the Upward Sports program, here are some important details about the upcoming season:

  • ALL activities related to Upward are held on-site at Battlefield Baptist Church except for the Awards Celebration which is typically held at a local high school.
  • The 2022 season begins with practices the week of January 10th, and ends with the Awards Celebration on March 26th. We will run an 8-game season from January 22 - March 12.
  • Practices for basketball are for one hour on Mondays OR Thursdays. The younger your child, the earlier in the evening their team will practice. Practice start times will be between 5:30 and 7pm.
  • ALL practices for cheerleaders are held on Thursdays.
  • ALL games are one hour on Saturdays and can begin as early as 8:30am.
  • Cheerleading squads will cheer at the same time every Saturday.
  • Every child will have the opportunity to participate in every game.
  • Concessions are usually available during all practice times and on game days, and include items such as hot dogs, chips, candy bars, and a variety of beverages. Game days include breakfast items such as donuts, biscuits, and coffee. 
  • At least one parent or guardian is REQUIRED to remain on the premises anytime your child is also on the premises in the event of an emergency.
  • Every child MUST attend one of the Evaluation Sessions: Monday, October 18th OR Thursday, October 21st anytime between 6-8pm. This is our opportunity to evaluate various skills for all basketball participants. Children are given a number upon arrival {first-come, first-served basis} and are then called to proceed through various skills stations. The process should only take about 20 minutes once their number is called, but please be prepared to wait as we can't predict who shows up at what time or on which night. Basketball players need to wear appropriate athletic shoes. The information gathered at this time is used by the Upward Sports software program to place children on teams based on gender, skill level, and grade so they are competitively balanced.
  • Games are divided into three, 6 min. periods per half (total of 18 mins.) with a 6 min. halftime in between. Another distinct feature of Upward Basketball is that ONLY a man-to-man defense is taught and used.
  • Since Upward Sports is committed to growing children mentally, physically, and spiritually, each practice night includes 45 minutes on the "Court" and 15 minutes in the "Locker Room".  {Locker Room time is part of the Upward Sports League practice night} During a team's time in the "Locker Room," children will hear a weekly devotion about Biblical principles and be given the opportunity to recite Scripture memory verses to earn green stars to be placed on their Upward t-shirt.  
  • Each Game Day also includes "Locker Room" time after a team's game, where each player will be presented with game-day stars for Best Effort, Best Offense, Best Defense, Best Sportsmanship, or Most Christ-like.    

We are confident you will be blessed through this ministry. Your children will have a blast and you will enjoy new friendships and the friendly competition!

Please do not hesitate to email our Administrative Commissioner, Krista Corcoran, at krista@battlefieldbaptist.org with any questions or concerns. Just put "UPWARD" in the subject line. 

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