The Enneagram
What It Is & Why We Use It

We are all wired differently, by God's design. Self-awareness is the critical skill that simply means we understand how we're wired and how that affects those around us. But many people don't know how to develop this skill, and so we start to believe that the way we see the world is how everyone sees the world, which can lead to lots of trouble. 

The Enneagram is one of the best tools for cultivating self-awareness and understanding the different ways people perceive the world. This ancient personality typing system teaches there are nine basic personality types, each with a distinct underlying motivation that influences how that type thinks, feels, and behaves. However, no tool is effective apart from The Gospel, so we've created various Resources that not only help you learn more about how God has wired you, but also to help point you to Jesus and His love for you. 

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Type-Specific Resources

Just like every person is different, each Enneagram type is also different. We think it is well worth the time to learn about your own type, as well as the types of those around you.

Type 1: The Improver
Type 2: The Helper
Type 3: The Performer
Type 4: The Creative
Type 5: The Observer
Type 6: The Loyalist
Type 7: The Enthusiast
Type 8: The Challenger
Type 9: The Peacemaker