Battlefield Resources is designed to help inform people about the things of God and equip people to do the work of God. Every resource has been developed or curated by our staff to make sure that each one is true to God's Word and can be trusted for everyday life.

Battlefield Resources is also completely free--so you can do download, print, or share any resource as many times as you want, with as many people as you want (that's sort of the whole point).

Highlighted Resource

  • Bible Study: a guide to knowing how & where to start in God's Word

    We believe that the Bible is the very Word of God, inspired and authored by God and written down by men used of God. However, many Christ-followers struggle to read God's Word because they don't know where to start or they've never been taught how to study it. This Resource is designed to share information that can help you understand the importance and various methods of studying the Bible to make your time with The Lord sweet.

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    Bible Study: A Guide to Knowing How & Where to Start in God's Word


The Word of God: A Guide to Grasping the Authority of Scripture

*A compiled list of evidence that points to the truth and authority of Scripture designed to help foster belief that the Bible is true and useful for everyday life*

Who is God?: A Guide to Understanding Our Creator & King

*A simplified breakdown of some of God's attributes designed to help bring greater understanding and worship of Him*

Worship: A Guide to Understanding Our Personal Call

*A deep dive into understanding how Jesus defines worship, what that means for us every day, and how we can be true worshipers*

7 Promises I Have in Jesus

*A list of promises that believers have because

of Jesus and offers Scriptural evidence as support*

Baptism Overview

*A brief overview of why baptism

is important as well as what it really is*


Bible Study: A Guide to Knowing How

& Where to Start in God's Word

*A compiled list of helpful tips for studying Scripture designed

to make Bible Study both easier and more exciting.

Enneagram Resources

*Various resources to help you understand

how God has wired you and those around

you, while also pointing you to the Gospel*

Spiritual Gifts Assessment

*An assessment to help those who are in Christ

determine what gifts the Holy Spirit has given them*

Topical Scripture Reference Guide

*A guide to help you know where to

turn in Scripture during various times*

100 Day Reading Plan

*An Overview Reading Plan for starting

your journey through Scripture*

60 Second Gospel

*An evangelism tool for quickly

walking someone through the Gospel*

Children's Ministry Resources for Parents

*Various resources to help parents

better disciple their kids*