Battlefield Resources offers a wide range of Biblical material to help you in your walk with The Lord. We realize that people search online, every day, for all sorts of Biblical information seeking help, guidance, or encouragement for whatever situation they're in, but often don't know how reliable that information is--that's precisely why we created this platform. Every resource has been developed or curated by our staff to make sure that each one is true to God's Word and can be trusted for everyday life.

Battlefield Resources is also completely free--so you can do download, print, or share any resource as many times as you want, with as many people as you want (that's sort of the whole point).

We will continue to add more resources on a regular basis and update any previously added resources as necessary. If you have any resource ideas or topics you'd like to learn what Scripture says on, let us know by calling the Church Office or emailing our Media Director.

Highlighted Resource

Of all the resources we offer, we want to highlight one that we are particularly excited about and think will help you a lot. 

This highlighted resource may change from time-to-time, but any resource we offer will always be available on our site.

  • worship: a guide to understanding our personal call

    Over time, the word "worship" has taken on several different definitions, most of which are wrong. With this resource, you'll be given straightforward, Biblical information to understand how Jesus defines worship, what that means for us every day, and how we can be true worshippers.

    DOWNLOAD this resource here: 

    Worship: A Guide to Understanding Our Personal Call