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Battlefield Baptist Church Is The Place...

...For Being Known                                              

Dale Carnegie was right. It's nice to hear your own name. It feels good because you know someone else is aware of you. Aware that you exist. Aware that you are important. No one needs to be famous. But we all need to be known. This means more than exchanging names, of course. It means really getting to know each other. We're making friends and meeting needs.

  ...For Sharing

Life's pleasures are really pleasurable only if they are shared. Because joy comes by giving as well as receiving. And when you give your time, your love, yourself, the joy is tremendously fulfilling.
There's a family in town that's devoted to this kind of sharing. It's our family. We give and we get a lot in return. We'd like to share with you.

...For Kids

Remember when you were a kid? Wasn't life filled with excitement and promise in those days? Simple joys were so meaningful.  Sometimes our world makes kids grow up too fast.  That's a shame, because they need a place that's wide enough to let them be themselves.  A place of learning and love.

...For Friends

Are you lonely? Is your schedule full but your life empty? Maybe you long for a friend who will care enough to listen. Enough to encourage. Enough to accept you just as you are.

There's a wonderful place full of people who have found the joy of meaningful friendships. They're ready to meet you, listen to you, accept you. And, yes, even love you for who you are and not what you possess.

Come visit with us.  Your friends are waiting!

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